Welcome to Viral Lab!

We work hard, dream big, and enjoy life while developing techniques to analyze online behaviors to improve individual well-being and address societal problems. We leverage online and offline data to gain insight into human behaviors and analyze technological systems to mitigate threats against online conversations by developing techniques in machine learning, network science, and computational social sciences.

The Viral Lab is led by Onur Varol, an assistant professor at the Sabanci University Computer Science Program, with an affiliation with the Center of Excellence in Data Analytics. We named our lab as "viral" because we aim to breach disciplinary boundaries and make novel connections between them.

Lab news

  • Onur Varol presented at GLODEM AI and CSS Seminar Series
  • Onur Varol joined VeriTezgah─▒ podcast to have a fun conversation about social media . (In Turkish)
  • Onur Varol organized the computatational social science session at the Data Science Summer School.
  • Onur Varol joined EpiSTEM Youtube Channel for an interview to talk about problems of social media and his ongoing research. (In Turkish)